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SAN DIEGO — A water main ruptured Sunday in the East Village, causing major flooding and road closures, according to city workers.

The incident happened on 11th and A Street around 3:30 p.m., where city workers say the A Street on-ramp to California 163 north and Interstate 5 north is going to be closed until the roads are deemed safe.

Nearby businesses told FOX 5 the water main was worked on Sunday morning and then a few hours later it had broke. Although some businesses put out sandbags to ease the flooding, the water did reach their buildings, causing possibly thousands of dollars in damage, business owners said.

“This is the busiest time of year, so you know it’s not fun,” said Tino Gabaldon, whose business was damaged. “Everything unplugged and we’re trying to box everything up. I guess I have to work out of another space later on.”

Water could be seen running down A Street and into 10th Avenue. Police said the drains are doing their job, but city workers are currently trying to shut down the water main as flooding continues.

The streets impacted are expected to be closed for likely a few weeks because the water is degrading the road, city workers said.

Sgt. Tyler Hamby, of the San Diego Police Department, said the biggest concern is what’s happening underneath the road while gallons of water leak onto the streets.

“That’s why we’ve shut down the on-ramp to the freeway just in case,” Hamby said. “We’d hate to have a car fall into a big sinkhole.”

Water wagons for customers to receive water are at 11th Avenue and B Street and at Ash and 10th Avenue, according to Arian Collins, the supervising public information officer for the City of San Diego.

FOX 5’s Kelsey Christensen contributed to this story.