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SAN DIEGO — A chaotic scene unfolded on the corner of Island Avenue and 7th Avenue in downtown San Diego as an SUV driver and a woman got into a shouting match.

The video shows the gold older Toyota Highlander jump the curb and nearly hit two homeless people. A man then pulls out a bat and smashes the windows.

“They started the argument right there and escalated into madness,” said Howard Rexroad, a homeless man who witnessed the incident.

That’s when the SUV attempts to hit the man who smashed out his windows several times until finally the car speeds off, the video shows.

The San Diego Police Department has now arrested the driver on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The man that smashed out the windows is not facing charges with investigators believing his actions were simply self-defense.

“When you walk by sometimes people say rude comments sometimes you let it go and sometimes you say ‘Man come on,’” Rexroad said.