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SAN DIEGO — Home surveillance video captured the moment a driver appeared to try and pull out of a residential street parking spot, back into a truck and then pull away at a rapid speed driving across the street into two Mira Mesa homes Sunday.

The driver ends up clipping the corner of one home across the street and then slams into the side of the garage of a second home.

“All of a sudden I heard a huge boom, so I went down and saw this huge damage to my house,” said Jared Yu, who lives in the first house that only sustained damage to the corner of the property in the garage.

It happened Sunday night just after 7 p.m. on Summershade Lane. Yu says he was working on his computer when the crash happened.

“I was shocked because I saw that car over there. I think she hit the pipe, so the water pipe was damaged,” Yu said.

According to San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, the woman was not injured, and this was nothing more than an accident. 

The woman and her husband live in the neighborhood. He says she was going to move the car from the street to their driveway and that most likely she got confused and hit the gas instead of the break. 

Both homes have been “red tagged,” but the first says limited, the second says no one is allowed in until it’s deemed structurally save and sound.