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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — On Wednesday afternoon, Gillio Repetto and Serenity Nieblas were both charged in two separate road rage incidents that took place in 2022.

Both adults pleaded not guilty to accepting a plea agreement with the district attorney’s office.

“For a stipulated eight years,” said Honary Michael Popkins, San Diego County Judge.

“We will submit on the agreement your honor,” said the attorney for Gillio Repetto, Gloria Collins.

A judge sentenced Gillio Repetto to eight years in prison. Repetto received two years for an assault with a firearm, two years for a gun charge, and three years for great bodily injury. He has time served credit of more than 400 days.

In May 2022, prosecutors argued Repetto and a 34-year-old man were racing in their cars. They stopped at the intersection of Olympic Parkway and Town Center Drive in Chula Vista.

Cell phone video showed Repetto and the man getting into a fistfight. Prosecutors say Repetto then shot the man twice.

“She is a young mother,” said the attorney for Serenity Nieblas.

For a separate road incident in February 2022, Popkins sentenced Serenity Nieblas to seven years in prison.

Nieblas pleaded guilty to stabbing a man with a knife in the February 2022 incident. She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury.

In a deal reached with the DA’s office, Nieblas will serve three years of probation. She must serve the first year in jail. If Nieblas violates probation during the three years, she will have to serve the full seven years.

“Ms. Neiblas did you understand those conditions of probation?” Popkins asked Nieblas

“Yes, your honor” Nieblas answered.

“Are you willing to abide by them?” Popkins aksed Nieblas.

“Yes, your honor” Nieblas answered.

Nieblas must serve the first year in jail.