SAN DIEGO — As the storm that brought heavy rain to San Diego departs east, we’re now left with several flooded roads spanned across the area, keeping city crews and Swift Water Rescue teams busy.

The San Diego River behind the Fashion Valley Mall crested around 10 feet Wednesday afternoon. As the water floods, San Diego Marine Safety Lieutenant Rick Stell says his crews have been up and at it since 6 a.m., prompting yet another long workday after substantial rain hit the county, yet again.

Crews particularly slammed in those infamous low-lying Mission Valley San Diego River crossing locations, listed below, now closed off until water recedes.

  • San Diego Mission Road
  • Ward Road
  • Qualcomm Way
  • Camino De La Reina
  • Mission Center Road
  • Camino Del Este
  • Avenida Del Rio
  • Fashion Valley
  • Camino Arroyo

When you see a barricade…turn around don’t go around the barricades of an emergency correspond to you when they could have been responding to somebody else in medical distress or another situation that they may not be able to get you because they’re responding to your carelessness

Jose Ysea, City of San Diego

From Sorento Valley, the South Bay, to Mission Valley, 23 river rescue employees, spanned in eight patrol vehicles, are out and about with a goal of preventing drivers and pedestrians from taking a risk, and saving them if they do.

“Up in the Sorrento Valley area…We dealt with three cars that were stuck in the water, nonmoving water, about a foot in the water, and during the commuting areas,” Stell said.

Meanwhile, along the busy intersection at University Avenue and Arizona St., city road crews also up and working since dawn, clearing flooded water from clogged storm drains.

Over the past several months when we had rain, this has been working pretty well up until now, so you know we’re lucky this is the first time this area has experienced flooding, and our crews are taking care of that so hopefully we won’t have this happen again,” shared Jose Ysea with the City of San Diego.