SAN DIEGO — An RV caught on fire Monday on Interstate 8 in the La Mesa area.

Around 4:20 p.m., SkyFOX was over the scene at the Lake Murray Boulevard offramp on I-8 westbound, located near Parkway Drive and Guessman Avenue, capturing video of the flames bursting out of the vehicle’s windows. Billowing black smoke could be seen for miles. 

Authorities initially blocked several lanes on I-8 west, but as of 8:12 p.m., all lanes have since reopened, per California Department of Transportation.

The RV fire started when the vehicle began to overheat, according to CHP.

“I feel very saddened,” an RV driver Alan Breuch told FOX 5. “It looked like it was a hot fire. It looked like it burned pretty quickly. I’m really sad for these people and whatever they had in there too went up in flame.”

CHP officers say the driver smelled smoke and pulled over on the side of the freeway before getting out.

“I feel saddened for the person because in an RV if that’s where you travel and go to sometimes, that’s your second home, and being on fire, you have your belongings in it and you’re trying to get out as quickly as possible. I totally understand that and have feelings for that person and hopefully they are OK,” Breuch said.

What was left of the RV was nothing but burnt metal. Officers say the driver stayed on scene and was not hurt.

CHP officers do not know the exact cause of the fire, but say the age of the RV, mechanical issues and debris can often lead to RVs overheating and potentially catching fire.

FOX 5’s Liberty Zabala contributed to this report.