SAN DIEGO — With a strong rainstorm predicted to hit the area late Tuesday, road workers in San Diego are taking measures to ensure the safety of the roads for motorists and pedestrians. 

Crews have been working around the clock to prepare for the storm by clearing out storm drains and catch basins to prevent flooding. They have also been inspecting and repairing any potholes, cracks or other damages to the roads that could pose a danger to drivers during the heavy rain.

Caltrans is reporting the Interstate 8, State Route 76, and State Route 78 freeways are typical problem areas.  

County work crews will be working overnight shifts for emergency calls with downed trees and clearing drainage areas.

“A lot of potholes, trees falling a lot of flooding we deal with whatever happens,” said Carlos Michelle, a county public works manager in the Fallbrook area.

The rain is expected to be heaviest Wednesday morning.