SAN DIEGO — Noticing smoother roads? Well, the City of San Diego says it has reduced a backlog of pothole repair reports, a decrease of more than 80%.

More than 14,000 potholes across San Diego have been repaired by city crews since the start of the new year, thanks to an increase in staffing and resources, officials stated in a news release Wednesday.

“The people of San Diego want their city government to respond quickly to needs in their neighborhood, and as mayor, I expect the same,” San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said. “After heavy rain in January and early February, we did just that, quickly reorganizing our transportation crews, deploying them across the city and efficiently filling thousands of potholes. We have more to do, but I’m proud of our City workers for getting it done.”

Last month, several days of heavy rain caused a spike in pothole reports, according to the City of San Diego. Crews deployed nine patching trucks, 30 two-person teams carrying bagged asphalt and a dump truck repurposed to carry hot asphalt.

On Wednesday, there were around 350 open pothole reports in the city’s Get It Done app, down from a high of 2,233 in January 2023, per officials.

Click here to see a map of repairs on the Streets Map webpage. 

Anyone who wants to report potholes to the city can use the Get It Done app or by calling 619-527-7500.