SAN DIEGO — Passengers who depend on San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Access and minibus lines could be hit by a work stoppage Tuesday amid contract negotiations with its drivers.

A potential work stoppage could affect the most vulnerable passengers—those with disabilities.

Martin Frank pushes his wheelchair with his remaining leg. He says he needs MTS Access service to get around town.

“I don’t drive and then obviously, I lost my leg due to a bad driver and ever since then I basically relied on public transportation,” Frank said.

According to MTS, First Transit, which operates MTS minibus and Access lines, are still battling it out in contract negotiations with its drivers.

“It is going to affect some people who have to go to work and everything,” passenger Vanessa Guzman said. “We don’t want to pay for Uber. We want to pay $2.50 or $5.00 for the All Day bus, but you got to understand from both perspectives.”

MTS Access provides transportation for riders with physical, cognitive and visual disabilities. 

“People need bus transportation, especially disabled and people who can’t afford it. Cabs aren’t qualified to do that,” passenger David Thomas said.

MTS minibuses provide 18 routes serving about 3,000 daily MTS bus passenger trips.

MTS recommends passengers should plan ahead and make alternate transportation plans.

“It would be helpful to all of us if they looked at both sides,” Frank said. “Not just their beneficial monetary value, you know, for people like me and my wife and everybody else.”

MTS says both sides are hopeful they can come to an agreement soon.

FOX 5 reached out to First Transit and we are waiting to hear back.