SAN DIEGO — A 43-year-old man hit and killed by a tractor trailer while riding a motorized scooter in Otay Mesa was identified, San Diego County medical officials said.

Jose Israel Cisneros, of Chula Vista, was announced as the deceased, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office stated on its website.

The crash occurred Feb. 19 in the 1900 block of La Media Road, where Cisneros was driving an Italika W150 motor scooter northbound when he got separated from the scooter for unknown reasons, according to the San Diego Police Department.

Shortly after, a tractor trailer struck the rider and continued northbound, per authorities.

The driver of another tractor trailer traveling southbound on La Media Road saw the lights of the overturned motorized scooter along the east side of the northbound lanes of traffic, police said. The scene prompted the semi-truck driver to pull over, who then witnessed an additional tractor trailer stopped further north in the northbound number three lane of La Media Road, along with a third tractor trailer pulling up and stopping next to it.

“The driver exited his vehicle and saw the other tractor trailers leaving the area as he approached the unresponsive decedent lying in the street next to a scooter. The driver called 9-1-1 to report his findings with first responders dispatched to his location,” the medical examiner’s officer stated.

First responders pronounced Cisneros dead at the scene due to obvious trauma.