SAN DIEGO — The connecter ramp between southbound Interstate 5 and eastbound Interstate 8 will be closed Tuesday evening as the California Department of Transportation work on construction projects, authorities announced Tuesday.

From 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., the ramp, as well as portions of the freeways, will be closed as Caltrans crews work on a road improvement project.

“Crews are improving the lifespan of approximately two miles of the interstate in Mission Valley,” Caltrans said in a release. “All eastbound and westbound paving work has been completed. Crews are now performing electrical work, striping all of the lanes, installation of rumble strips, and performing smoothness grinding, which grinds out very fine bumps on the road to make it smoother.”

Caltrans offered the following detours for anyone who may need to use the connector or the freeways impacted:

  • Southbound I-5 to Eastbound I-8 Connector Detour

Head south towards Old Town Avenue exit, turn left and head towards Moore Street, turn left on Moore street to enter northbound I-5. Head north towards Eastbound I-8 connector.

  • Eastbound I-8 at I-5 Interchange

Head south on I-5 to the northbound SR-163. Continue north to the eastbound I-8 connector.

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