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SAN DIEGO — With California’s average gas price hitting a new record high, drivers are looking for ways to save on their commute.

As of Nov. 15, the average price in the state for a gallon is $4.682 compared to the national average of $3.41, according to the American Automobile Association. It’s a new gas price record for the state and comes just a day after the state saw an all-time high of $4.676 per gallon on Sunday.

In San Diego County, gas prices remained below the highest recorded average for the region, currently costing drivers a local average of $4.629, the AAA reported Monday.

Performing routine maintenance on vehicles and removing storage can increase fuel efficiency.

“The heavier the vehicle is, the more you are paying to drive it around,” said Doug Shupe, spokesman for AAA Southern California. “Adjust your deriving habits — avoid those jackrabbit starts and obey the speed limits — not just for safety — but the faster you are driving, the more fuel you are burning.”

On State Farm’s website, the insurance company offers other tips to save on gas including:

  • Keeping tires rotated and inflated to ideal pressure: It helps evenly distribute the wear and tear on your tires.
  • Glide into your stops: Take your foot off the gas pedal earlier and let your car downshift before applying the brake.
  • Combine short trips: Travel in a sequence instead of backtracking to save time, as well as gas.
  • Keep your car aerodynamic: Reducing drag, especially at high speeds, impacts your car’s fuel efficiency. Keep windows and moonroof closed on the freeway.
  • Use the highest feasible gear: Driving at high speeds in lower gears burns excessive fuel.
  • Avoid excessive idling: Switch off the engine if you need to wait in your parked vehicle for more than a minute or two. Only start up again when you’re ready to continue driving.
  • Ride share: Ask friends and colleagues who live near you or go to the same places you do to share a ride.

Another way of saving money on fuel is through Gas Buddy, a tech company that tracks real-time prices at more than 140,000 gas stations in the United States, Canada and Australia.