SAN DIEGO — Motorists heading to Coronado should expect heavy inbound bridge traffic Wednesday, Nov. 1 through Friday, Nov. 3, said Caltrans.

This is due to roadwork being performed as part of a pavement improvement project.

Caltrans said crews will be repairing asphalt in various lanes on Third Street between C and F Avenues, as well as Fourth Street between Alameda Boulevard and J Avenue.

Motorists should anticipate congestion between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day as crews work on the repairs.

For real-time traffic information, including traffic speed, lane and road closures due to construction and maintenance activities, Caltrans has advised motorists to check their QuickMap.

Caltrans says the time of maintenance is subject to change due to weather, traffic incidents or other maintenance considerations.