SAN DIEGO – Gas prices in San Diego County continue their slow but steady decrease heading into the holiday weekend. However, a new state gas tax increase took effect Friday.

The average price for a gallon of gas in the region reached $6.23 Friday, dropping two cents overnight and marking the sixteenth day of decreases.

“I’m waiting for the prices to go down so we can have money to spend on other things,” Jeanie Duggar said.

Still customers and even gas station owners are feeling the pain of current prices.

“With the gas, we only work on that very thin margin. We’re talking pennies here. The more the gas prices go up, the less money we make,” said David Daoud, owner of an Arco in La Mesa.

The California state gas tax increase brought the tax from 51 to about 54 cents per gallon. While Fourth of July tends to be a busy time at his gas station, Daoud says he’s not expecting the same level of business this year.

People like Duggar are doing less traveling.

“Normally we have family things and we go to like the river, but it does put a big damper on it,” she said.

For others, the gas prices aren’t stopping the party this weekend.

“I’m a San Diegan. We’re definitely headed out to the beach to have a great time. The prices, it’s not going to affect the fun,” Aaron Renolds said.

Gas in San Diego is about two dollars higher this Fourth of July than last year, and this most recent tax increase comes as California already had the highest gas tax in the country.