SAN DIEGO – Two women got stuck inside an overturned car, forcing firefighters to rescue them in the middle of a Point Loma road.

The San Diego Fire Department said the car involved crashed at around 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Coronado Avenue and Catalina Boulevard.

“Fortunately, they were uninjured but they were unable to exit the vehicle so crews stabilized the vehicle first to make sure that we had no further injury and cut the top off of the vehicle,” said John Fisher, battalion chief for San Diego Fire Department.

It took roughly 15 minutes to remove the women from the rolled-over vehicle, Fisher added.

“Because the patients were not in any critical condition, we did take our time to make sure there were no further injuries to those patients or to the responders,” Fisher explained.

Firefighters said they used hydraulic extrication tools and several saws to remove the two women from the car.