ECINITAS, Calif. — A new proposal to slow traffic along Highway 101 has been approved by the city council of Encinitas.

The ordinance will take the speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph, and is expected to take roughly two months to implement. The business district from D Street to J Street will be affected.

“Whether it’s a motorist on a motorist, whether it’s a motorist on a bicyclist, or a motorist on a pedestrian — it makes it much more survivable, said Tony Kranz, the Mayor of Encinitas. “All the data says the slower the vehicles are going, the more survivable the crashes are.”

The plan is to eventually identify all dangerous streets in the city and implement reduced speeds to help combat fatal accidents. Some residential streets could see their 25 mph reduced to 20mph.

Not everyone is happy to reimagine the speed of cars rolling through.

“People need to get to work,” said Scott Campbell, a local resident. “It could go against state law. The DMV says 25 mph for residential. You are now looking at bigger things, now the lawyers are going to have to get involved.”

El Camino Real is also getting a hard look for a potential speed reduction and dozens of others streets will also be under the microscope as city staff members will be drafting new proposals with the goal of ending crash fatalities completely.

“Pedestrians and bikers will be safer if cars slow down,” said Mayor Kraz.  

Major changes to speeds across Encinitas are not expected until July 1, 2024.