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SAN DIEGO — A driver was taken into custody Tuesday after a party bus stolen from Pacific Beach led authorities on a pursuit in the Los Angeles area.

San Diego Police Department received a report around 10:15 a.m. that a party bus had been stolen at 4010 Morena Boulevard when the vehicle had stopped to pick up clients, police said. Police said the driver of the bus, a 2018 black Ford, had left the vehicle running with the key in the ignition when someone got into the bus and took off.

SDPD said they were not involved in the pursuit, which was eventually taken over by California Highway Patrol.

Around 11:30 a.m., authorities in the Los Angeles area were informed that the bus had been stolen from San Diego, CHP Officer Jose Barrios told KTLA. CHP started pursuing the bus about 15 minutes later on northbound Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, CHP added.

The bus then made its away onto Interstate 5, then northbound on state Route 14 in Santa Clarita, KTLA reported.

KTLA’s Sky5 helicopter was over the chase when the bus struck a silver sedan on Pearblossom Highway in Antelope Valley, near Palmdale. Aerial video showed the driver get out of the bus and be taken into custody by officers. The condition of the occupant/s in the silver sedan is known at this time.

The owner of the bus company, Top Dog Limo Bus, said she found out about the stolen bus from a driver on the I-405 who called her to complain about one of her drivers.

“We get a call from a driver off the 405 complaining to us that the person driving it was driving crazy on the freeway and doing 90 mph and I explained to him that was a stolen bus and he stayed on the phone until we called dispatch and got somebody out there,” Susie Leitzke said.

Leitzke told KTLA the bus had a full tank of gas when it was stolen.

Police did not identify the driver, but according to several businesses near Morena Boulevard, the suspect was reportedly cruising by with a shopping cart and running into random businesses and taking off with things like fruit, mail and a purse before the bus was stolen.

Meanwhile, the hired driver of the stolen party bus was given a replacement bus to continue to take the clients out, Leitzke added.