SAN DIEGO — Police chased a driver at slow speeds through the North Park area Thursday morning, with the car dragging a spike strip behind it before the man was finally cornered at an intersection and arrested.

Officers first tried to stop the driver, a man in a small blue BMW SUV, around 6:30 a.m. because he was “driving erratically,” a San Diego Police Department watch commander said. The man refused to pull over and officers started chasing him through the Mid-City area, according to the spokesperson.

At times the pursuit reached higher speeds, SDPD said, but authorities got a spike strip under the car’s tires and the chase grinded down to a slow pace. The car dragged the strip behind it and only reached about five miles per hour as it headed south on Pershing Avenue toward Balboa Park. A long line of police SUVs could be seen trailing the driver along the residential street.

By about 7:15 a.m., the driver came to a stop at the intersection with Myrtle Avenue, about a block north of Morley Field. Officers positioned their SUVs to pin the driver and keep him from being able to drive away.

Within minutes, about a dozen police vehicles were surrounding the driver, who remained in his car. Officers brought out a police dog and drew their weapons — including what appeared to be less-lethal rounds, like pepper balls or bean bags.

Eventually, officers approached the driver’s side door and pulled the man out of his seat. There didn’t appear to be a significant struggle, and the man was led to the back of one of the police SUVs in handcuffs without further incident.

Police chase a driver at slow speeds through streets in the North Park area, with the car dragging a spike strip behind it. Eventually, the driver was arrested at Pershing Avenue and Myrtle Avenue, not far from Morley Field at Balboa Park. (Photo: SkyFOX)

Police did not immediately identify the man publicly.