SAN DIEGO — Three people were hospitalized Friday, including the driver of a truck who possibly suffered a seizure and crashed his vehicle into a car and two pedestrians in the East Village neighborhood, authorities said.

The collision occurred around 12:54 p.m. when the Ford F-150 driver, a 36-year-old man, got off state Route 94 and rear-ended an Audi A3 in the westbound lane on 1600 F Street, San Diego Police Department Watch Commander Officer Robert Heims stated in a news release. As the Audi pulled over to the curb, the 50-year-old driver was rear-ended again before making a southbound turn onto 16th Street.

The driver of the Ford F-150 continued through 16th Street, striking a 41-year-old woman and 44-year-old man walking on the west sidewalk, police said.

First responders took the Ford driver and two pedestrians to a local hospital. The watch commanders said the 36-year-old driver possibly suffered a seizure while the 44-year-old man sustained an open fracture to the lower left leg and the 41-year-old woman had neurological damage that is considered life-threatening.

Anyone with information related to the incident is encouraged to call the listed Command handling the investigation or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.