CORONADO, Calif. — Electric bikes are soaring in popularity in the San Diego area, as well as the city of Coronado.

“Since COVID, bikes in general, there’s been a bike boom,” said Nelson Young, a manager at Holland’s Bicycles. “E-bikes have just been exploding, they’re super popular.”

E-bikes are becoming a big hit with students who use them for a fun ride to school.

“It’s really quick, in case I’m late. But yeah, it’s really fun to ride around and let my friends drive it, too,” student Savannah McCauley said.

She says she notices a lot of kids who do not ride responsibly.

“A lot of kids run past the stop signs and don’t actually pay attention to where they’re going and that causes them to get hit by a car,” McCauley said.

Coronado police say the biggest complaint they get is riders going too fast. Resident Kara Arnaudi says she’s had to sidestep a few e-bikes on the sidewalk.

“They go pretty fast – they’re going 25-30 miles an hour, as fast as some of the cars and golf carts around town. I think a lot of people are very concerned about the safety of the kids riding them and the pedestrians and following the rules of the road and worrying that there may be a terrible accident,” Arnaudi said.

To help prevent that, the City of Coronado will hold a series of so-called “bike rodeos” at schools, with a focus on e-bike safety.

Three clinics are planned this week and next to help parents and students learn more about bike safety. The first is at 1:45 p.m. Wednesday at Coronado Middle School. The next two both start at 3 p.m. on Thursday at Village Elementary and April 19 at Strand Elementary.