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SAN DIEGO — A surprising and confusing lane change in one Mira Mesa neighborhood is about to be reversed.

After Mira Mesa community members called out the city for making the move to an “advisory bike line” with no advisory to the actual neighborhood, the city was quick to apologize and acknowledging its mishandling of the situation.

“That failure is something I regret and something we are going to fix,” Mayor Todd Gloria said.

Gloria even visited the area last week near Gold Coast Drive as his staff went door to door speaking with neighbors.

“We didn’t necessarily think anything was going to change, but now it is and we are thrilled,” said Pam Stevens, neighbor and member of the Mira Mesa Town Council.

Mayor Gloria said all future advisory bike lane projects would be put on hold until the city could receive more input and educate the communities where they are being considered.

“I am relieved, I’m pleased that the city owned up to this error and they’re willing to work with the community,” neighbor Alex Elward said.

The confusing configuration featured a single lane for vehicle traffic and bike lanes on each side.

“It’s false safety to stripe a bicycle lane that cars can go into as needed and it really is, with this level of car traffic, an accident waiting to happen,” Stevens said.

The road will now be returning to its original layout, looking like the rest of the street with one lane in each direction. Work is tentatively scheduled to begin Thursday and the city says there are no plans to attempt the newer bike lanes in the area again.

“What we had existing was a shared road for bikers. We encourage and we support our biker community, but we fixed a problem that didn’t exist,” Elward said.

No parking signs have gone up along Gold Coast Drive for Thursday and Friday as those are the days the city is currently expecting to get to work on restriping the street.