SAN DIEGO — Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa may be one of the next locations for bike lanes in the city of San Diego, but businesses there say it’s not the right fit for the area.

“Our parking lot here, the nickname on the street is the parking lot from hell. You can barely find any,” said Kim Phan, co-owner of Crab Hut.

The bike lanes have been part of a community plan for the area since 2020, but many businesses are just finding out now and sharing their concerns over safety and parking.

“Now it’s more like a destination, I see tourist buses come in here, I see families, it’s more like a hotspot,” Phan said.

However it’s that rapid growth that has also contributed to the shrinking odds of finding a parking spot.

“It’s just hard to find parking around here, it’s already bad enough,” said Brice Baumgardner, an O’Brien’s customer.

Phan says she’s not against the bike lane and thinks they are great for the community, but that biking along Convoy Street with the amount of business centers and the traffic is a safety concern.

The bike lane proposal involves the loss of about 300 spots, but the San Diego Bike Coalition points out the current total number of spots is around 8,000 in the area.

“To have bike friendly lanes is kind of eco-friendly and good, but at the same time the parking situation is going to be a problem in the future,” said Cynthia Hernandez, a Convoy Street customer.

The San Diego Bike Coalition points out the city’s future plans for the Convoy area include a lot more residential, so the hope is to make the area more walkable and bikeable.

A spokesperson for the city says there’s no set timeline for the bike lane. They are in communication with city council, the community and continuing to conduct a parking study.

Part of that study involves an online parking survey, which is only active until next week.