SAN DIEGO – Caltrans is planning a major retrofit and resurfacing for the South Bay section of the Interstate 805 freeway.

The $165 million taxpayer funded capital improvement project is a 15-mile stretch starting near the boarder and crossing State Route 94.

“This a major project, it’s a large dollar figure and it really is a major rehabilitation of the freeway,” said Karen Jewel, the Project Corridor Director at Caltrans. “A bike lane is also planned for a section of the freeway crossing the Otay River.”

Currently Caltrans officials say bikes are permitted to ride along section of the 805 on the shoulder because there is no other way to pass some sections of the freeway.

“We are doing all we can for bike and pedestrian improvements as people try to cross our right of way,” said Jewel.

The project is expected to start in 2025 and finish in 2028.