SAN DIEGO– The City of San Diego has started to resurface part of Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa. The city also has plans to add more bike lanes and redistribute parking spots. 

The construction started this week and will run Monday to Friday from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. through Spring 2024.  

Some of the businesses off Convoy Street have told FOX 5 that it’s exciting to walk into work with a new road.  

“I got a flat tire on my car, so I had to stop and get it pumped before I came to work,” said Sean Keing, an employee at Cross Street Chicken and Beer. “And I’m pretty sure driving around Convoy has taken a toll on my car a little bit.”

Three miles of Convoy Street is getting repaved. Keing says new roads lead to more support.  

“It’d be easier for customers to come through and want to support business around here, because we have a lot of Asian businesses that love to grow and would need the growing,” he commented. 

The city has finished a water and wastewater pipe replacement project, and is now ready to tackle the pothole-ridden Convoy Street.

The project will be done in two phases. The first one happening currently is along Convoy Street starting at the 52 on-ramp and continuing south on Dagget Street.

Then crews will switch to the northbound lanes. The second phase will pick up on Dagget Street and continue to Kearny Mesa Road.

“It kind of gives the front of the store a facelift, almost like a touch-up,” said Raad Ebadi, a sales and finance manager at Motor Max.  

At his place of work, Ebadi said smooth roads attract buyers.  

“And hopefully people coming from a different area will see that it’s a nice road,” Ebadi said.  

In addition to the resurfacing, the city will install separated bike lanes along Convoy Street. On part of the bike lanes, the city will redistribute some parking spaces to surrounding cross streets. 

“We know parking is difficult, but the roads are also a difficult situation,” said Laren Garces, the special events director with the Convoy District Partnership.  

The city is working with the non-profit to create parking solutions in the area. Based on a parking study done by the city, some potential options are metered parking or shared parking agreements with nearby businesses. 

“We want the neighborhood to be more walkable, we want different mobility options,” Garces said. “We are looking at the process of installing different bike racks on properties to help with people biking into the neighborhood.”

“If we have a paved road it will make everyone happier,” Kieng added.  

Garces said the construction work is part of a future plan for future residents.