SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Electric vehicle drivers will soon be able to get a chalupa and a charge in mere minutes as a San Diego-based startup company “electrifies” Taco Bells across California.

ChargeNet Stations has partnered up with Diversified Restaurant Group to launch the first EV charging station at a Taco Bell in south San Francisco. According to Elizabeth L. Driscoll, the company’s Public Relations Director, 100 more are scheduled to open up in the months ahead.

The charging stations will be able to provide a 100-mile EV charge in 20-minutes or less for about $20, according to ChargeNet Stations.

With the use of solar powered battery storage, the Taco Bell restaurants will be able to offset energy costs and even provide potential to operate during a power outage, said the startup company.

The first "electrified" Taco Bell opened up in South San Francisco on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022 (Photo released by ChargeNet Stations)
EV are seen charging at the first “electrified” Taco Bell in south San Francisco. (Photo released by ChargeNet Stations)

The launch restaurant location, 465 El Camino Real in San Francisco, and all future California locations are targeting underserved communities, Driscoll explained, in an effort to make EV charging stations accessible for all.

The public relations director also explained that ChargeNet Stations will hire all local labor for construction of new EV charging station sites to create jobs in marginalized communities.

Taco Bell-loving EV drivers are in for a savory charge as ChargeNet Stations presses forward to “electrify” sites across the Golden State.