CARLSBAD, Calif. — Thousands of solar electric charging stations are currently in the planning phase as California is in the midst of a major shift to electrify the Golden State’s energy infrastructure.

Private venture capitalists are funding solar car charging stations and the money is pouring in to get them built as soon as possible.

“It’s $100 million up front and for the first 40 to 50 charging stations, and then an open line of up to $2 billion,” said Farid Hamidy, the CEO of Solar Fuze, an electric car charging company.

Solar Fuze is partnering with gas stations, restaurants, hotels and malls to install their solar powered charging stations.

EV car owners complain about running out of power, and with the mandate to end the sale of new gas cars in California by 2035, there is a race to become the future filling stations of the west.

For drivers, they will see costs in energy plummet. “Typically, it will cost $20 to $26 dollars to get to 80 percent full. It’s a win-win situation and a lot of coffee shops benefit from this,” said Hamidy.

Not paying for gas is a big saving, but currently most electric cars are more expensive than a regular gas-powered car.

As more money pours in, compounded by state and federal tax incentives, electrification is clearly the way of the future.