SAN DIEGO — Green waste bins are being prepared to be rolled out to homes across the city of San Diego as the Department of Environmental services starts up their green waste program.

All organic and food waste products will no longer be slated for the grey trash bins, but they now will be placed in the green bins with yard clippings.

The bins will cost nothing to the resident and is slated to start in mid-January. Roughly 300,000 households are slated to receive a bin and residents can get as many as two free bins.

There is no additional cost at this time and there is no scheduled new fee on the horizon. Free compost is now available to all San Diego city residents.

The goal with the new program is to cut back on the estimated 40% of food waste, which goes directly into the landfills. This program is being fused with the existing services of trash collection and recycling.

More information is expected to be sent out imminently.