SAN DIEGO — Video shows a chaotic scene Monday evening outside Viejas Arena, where San Diego State fans gathered for a watch party ahead of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.

Around 6:20 p.m., when the game between SDSU and University of Connecticut was just getting underway, Viejas Arena tweeted that the venue had reached maximum capacity and it would not be letting any more guests in. That tweet has since been deleted.

About 6:34 p.m., Daniela Ramirez, a reporter for student-run newspaper The Daily Aztec, shared video to Twitter of the mayhem unraveling just outside.

“The security was not letting anyone inside due to max capacity..then terror struck,” Ramirez wrote.

The video begins by showing a group of fans running through an open door in the gate, with multiple people, including what appears to be an Elite Security employee, on the ground.

It pans to another area of the gate to show a pair of fans attempting to scale the gates but backing down after being confronted by a security worker.

At another portion of the gate, a fan makes it over and then pushes the door open to allow waiting fans to get inside. He is then stopped by a police officer.

Farther down the gate, a fan makes it across and darts directly towards the arena. Right behind him, another fan makes it over but is immediately stopped by a security employee.

“I want to say I am okay and my photographer @Brittany_cf is well! I appreciate everyone who has been reaching out,” Ramirez said in a later tweet.