Tumbles helps kids build athletic foundations

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ENCINITAS, Calif. --There's a place in Encinitas that helps youngsters learn the basics of athleticism.

"It's a big foundation to develop your bodies at a young age," said Scott Horton, who is helping kids build those foundations as the owner of Tumbles.

"The girls might be playing volleyball, boys playing baseball, football, lacrosse," Horton said. "It's really neat to see the kids -- we start with them as they grow forward and realize what they can do with their bodies."

Jarrett Leeb's 5-year-old son Griffin loves going to Tumbles and says it helps him with soccer, one of his favorite sports.

"His strength, everything about this is movement," Leeb said. "Constant movement and athletic ability and coordination. Mostly the coordination that he'll get out of this."

Tumbles aims to get around kids' fears by boosting athletic ability and confidence, a difference Horton has seen over his 28 years of teaching.

"It's going to help them as they get into more competitive sports. They're going to have that foundation, plus the confidence that they can succeed in that."

Classes range in price and availability from kids that can barely wobble to 12-year-olds.

Click here to learn more about Tumbles.

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