Could live betting be the future of NFL games?

The Big Game

MIAMI, Fla. — While Sunday is football’s biggest day, it’s also a super-sized event for the gambling world. With legal gambling expanding over the last few months, more people may wager on this game than ever before.

“Almost $7 billion will be bet this year — legally,” said Darren Rovell, The Action Network.

The prominent business analyst joined us for Big Game Bound Saturday. Rovell noted that the NFL doesn’t currently recognize gambling. However, he feels that will change when the league’s rights fees come up. Rovell says companies like Amazon now have the big bucks versus the traditional broadcast networks.

Rovell transitioned from ESPN to the Action Network to cover gambling in professional sports. He feels live betting will be the future of consuming sports in the United States.

What’s live betting all about? Instead of making your wager before the game starts, you can toss cash in once you get a perspective for how the teams are playing.

“I’m not liking the Chiefs or the 49ers in this game to start, but I’m going to live bet,” said Rovell.

He thinks the future of gambling at games won’t be the traditional windows or kiosks you might find at horse racing tracks. Rovell predicts it’ll be all about downloading an app. When that happens, the app can track your movements to be able to hook you in when you’re at home.

“It’s all about hooking,” Rovell said. “The kiosks are unprofitable and they’re one-offs.”

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