Take a ride around Mission Bay in the Seabreacher

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SAN DIEGO -- There's a new toy that will take you up and over and under the waters of Mission Bay.

It took ten years of engineering to create the Seabreacher -- what can only describe as a high-speed-boat -breaching-shark crossover.

Keith Buanafede saw the Seabreacher in action online and knew he just had to have one.

"I saw it on a YouTube video about three years ago, loved the design, wanted to drive them, bought my own and decided to open a commercial operation," he said."

In fact, the only commercial operation in the United States, and one of five in the world.

"We'll twist you, we'll turn you, we'll jump you and you'll be exhilarated after the ride," Buanafede said.

The Seabreacher goes 60 mph above water, 25 below, can dive five feet and jump out 20 feet.

"There is a big thrill to it and that's what I like see. The kids enjoy it, the families enjoy it. We bring everybody out and it's definitely a thrill ride," Buanafede said.

You'll be strapped in to a four-point harness. The Seabreacher is buoyant and will upright itself at anytime. It also contains a fire suppressant system in the engine compartment and is fully pressurized at all times. Oh, and don't worry about driving.

"We have certified trained captains that we call pilots that know how to do these boat," Buanafede said. "You get in the backseat, you enjoy the ride. Let us do all the work for you. We go as smooth as you like and as high as you like."

Ages 5 and up are welcome to go along for the ride. It costs $99 for 15 minutes.

If a test drive isn't your speed, you can also buy one -- but be prepared for it to make a big splash in your bank account to the tune of $80,000.

To surf the bay in the Seabreacher, click here.

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