SAN DIEGO — Hansen Surfboards makes hundreds of decks in the North County every year, but every winter for the last 13 years they make one that stands above the rest: a trophy for the winners of the Farmers Insurance Open tournament.

“It’s a special kind of board,” said Josh Hansen, co-owner of Hansen Surfboard in Encinitas. “We are obviously always waiting for the call to get the invite back to be able to build the board for the tournament.” 

A process that can take up to two months to build, Hansen Surfboard creates a new design for each Farmers Insurance Open tournament.

“We’re looking to do a trophy that’s very unique to the Farmers Insurance Open,” Hansen continued. “Surfing is a pretty big part of San Diego and asked if we’d be interested in maybe doing a surfboard for the tournament winner and of course we were in, this sounds amazing.”

So far the list of winners taking home the prize include Jon Rahm, Justin Rose, Jason Day and Tiger Woods.

“I’m a golfer. I love golf,” Hansen said. “(Woods) is obviously one of my heroes and one of the best golfers ever. It was cool to see him holding the surfboard… We felt very blessed.”

Hansen Surfboards has been an staple to the Encinitas community for over 60 years, creating all kinds of equipment for surf aficionados and beginners alike.

“Obviously its a family business,” continued Hansen. “I’ve been around it for my whole life, now I work in it everyday, it’s been such a blessing to be a part of such a cool culture and all the brands we work with are good people to work with and its been awesome.”