SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego Charger and recent Super Bowl champion Eric Weddle was honored in a ceremony held Tuesday at a Poway City Council meeting.

Weddle, 37, was recognized by city leaders with a proclamation to plant 20 oak trees in the city he calls home.

The 14-year NFL veteran called the ceremony one of the greatest honors of his life.

“It’s humbling,” Weddle said. “It’s kind of shocking in a sense. … I just try to be the same as everybody else, normal. A normal Joe. It’s just hard to put into words. I just hope that I make the city proud and I know I’m going to give it my all to try to help out and help the youth and try to make it a better place.”

Weddle was drafted by the Chargers in the second round of the NFL draft in 2007, playing in San Diego until  2015. Weddle spent the next three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and one year with the Los Angeles Rams in 2019. 

He retired after that season before coming out of retirement to rejoin the Rams in the final five weeks of the season this past year en route to a victory in Super Bowl LVI.

Asked about the oak trees as part of Tuesday’s proclamation, Weddle called them “pretty cool.”

“It’s just special,” he said. “It’s gonna last a lifetime. … If my story can help someone, it was all worth it, right? When the opportunity comes, are you ready for it? And to take the leap of faith, right? I could have easily said no and I would have missed out on the chance of a lifetime.

“When that opportunity comes, you have to take it.”

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus said Weddle has been in the community for some time and that “everything he has touched, there’s this thread of greatness through it.”

“Whether it’s his home life, whether it’s a Pop Warner championship, whether it’s Chargers, Ravens, Super Bowl — greatness,” Vaus said. “Gotta love having somebody like that in town.”

Weddle said the Rams have been fitted for their Super Bowl rings, though he doesn’t yet know how they look. The team is planning a party of some sort this summer to recognize the Super Bowl win, he said.

Weddle once again is retired from the NFL and recently accepted the role as head football coach at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego after this year.

“I had such an amazing experience coaching my son’s 12U team last year and I’m gonna coach his 14 team and then I’ll take over next season,” he said. “I’ve got a great mentor in the sense with Coach Tristan (McCoy) who’s done an unbelievable job. I feel like now is my time to give back.”