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SAN DIEGO – It’s one thing to be from San Diego. It’s quite another to win the Super Bowl as the game’s MVP in the same stadium you grew up attending.

That’s what NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis did in one of the most memorable playoff performances in league history.

“It’s an iconic game,” Davis said. “We stopped the NFC from a 13-game win streak, John Elway’s first Super Bowl (win). We beat Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers were favored by a double-digit lead, so it was a really good game.”

The Lincoln High School alum played a key role in the Broncos winning the team’s first championship in Super Bowl XXXII.

“I played in that stadium in high school and I lost in that stadium,” he said, “and then I played in that stadium in college (in 1991 at Long Beach State) and I lost there. Played in that stadium in the pros and lost. So when we won that game, that was the first time we had won in Jack Murphy Stadium.”

He rushed for 157 yards in the game and his three touchdowns capped an NFL record eight playoff scores, the most during a playoff run in league history. It was enough to earn him Super Bowl MVP honors. Davis is one of only seven running backs in NFL history — and the most recent at his position — to win the award.

“To come back and play in front of hometown fans, hometown friends, it was a dream come true. Thank god I played well” he said. “There was a little pressure to play well but played well and was able to play the first championship in front of the home crowd and was able to bring the first championship to the Broncos.”

Davis remains the team’s all-time leading rusher. He played his last NFL season in 2001 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017.

He credits the hometown stadium for his clutch Super Bowl play.

“It was special because it was the Super Bowl but it was even more special because of where it was,” he said. “To have capped that whole season off culminating in a victory in the town where my career started. “As a kid growing up, I was going to that stadium for Padre games, so it was there, that iconic symbol of San Diego.”