Colorado football star Travis Hunter exited Saturday’s game against Colorado State and was taken to the hospital as a result of an injury sustained on an illegal hit from Rams safety Henry Blackburn.

On Monday, Buffs head coach Deion Sanders announced Hunter would be out for around three weeks while recovering from a lacerated liver.

Speaking during a live stream on Monday, the two-way star opened up on his injury, explaining his thought process and thanking the team’s doctors. 

“It’s football at the end of the day, stuff like that is going to happen, so I just stay humble,” said Hunter while dressed in what appears to be a giraffe onesie. “It’s football. Something bad is going to happen on the field sooner or later. Just got to get up and fight again... Good thing the doctor stopped me because, if there was no doctors there, I would still be out there playing.”

The illegal hit on Hunter occurred in the second quarter. Hunter returned for the second half but was eventually removed from the game, and was later taken to the hospital.

Prior to exiting the game during Saturday’s 43-35 double overtime victory, Hunter had two receptions for 21 yards, as well as two tackles on defense.