Shortly after your Los Angeles Chargers' surprise 23-20 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Bolts head coach Brandon Staley lashed out at reporters about questions regarding play-calling. 

Staley was overcome with emotion after a tough loss, and he likely knows that his job is hanging by a thread.

Against Green Bay, the Chargers defense looked shaky once again. After an embarrassing performance last week against the Detroit Lions, many expected the Bolts to bounce back. But it was more of the same.

It has been an issue all year for this team, and other than a couple of weeks, the defense has let this team down. Staley calls the plays for the defense, so it was a fair question to ask him about everything.

The Bolts head coach is probably frustrated like the rest of us, but he is paid to keep his emotions in check. Obviously, he is a human and sometimes things will slip out, but it's not a great look for a coach who hasn't been performing well.

Staley entered the year on the hot seat, but it has only gotten warmer as the year has gone on. The Bolts have seemingly taken a step backward in terms of on-field success, and Staley will be the first major change within the organization.

Since he has taken over the team, the Chargers have underperformed to their expected standards, and Staley has seemed in over his head. His lack of awareness in games has caused much frustration from fans, and it has gotten the team into trouble. 

He was originally brought in to help this Bolts defense, but the Chargers have struggled on the defensive side of the ball each season. He hasn't lived up to his hype, and it will likely cost him his job at the end of the season.

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