The Los Angeles Chargers defense has been a consistent point of concern throughout the 2023 season. Despite having a head coach in Brandon Staley, known for his defensive expertise, the team has failed to show any improvement on that side of the ball since Week 1. It's a perplexing situation, given Staley's reputation as a defensive-minded coach.

In their latest matchup against the Green Bay Packers, a team considered overall mediocre, the Chargers' defense also played at a mediocre level, possibly worse. 

The game shouldn't have been close, considering the talent gap. The Chargers played down to their opponent, which is a recurring theme for this team. The defense has shown no signs of life, but still, LA safety Alohi Gilman remains optimistic about the defensive unit and the coaching staff's efforts to address the issues.

“I’m confident in it when everyone’s tied in. Ya’ll have seen it before. Last year, around this time, you saw it. When everyone’s clicking, they know their assignment, playing fast, it works well.” 

(Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times)

Gilman's belief in the defense is a bit odd, but what else do you expect him to say? That side of the ball has shown no signs of improving, but as a member of the team, he needs to stay the course because he has no other option. 

With the glaring issues on defense, fans are left questioning when and how the Chargers' coaching staff plans to rectify the situation, especially with a defensive-minded head coach at the helm. 

As the season progresses, the spotlight remains on Staley and his ability to address the defensive struggles that have plagued the Chargers in 2023.

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