Entering their game this weekend against the Green Bay Packers, the Los Angeles Chargers had a great chance to get their record back to .500. But once the game was over, Los Angeles was filled with the emptiness of another letdown.

LA dropped the game by a score of 23-20, and they now sit with a record of 4-6 on the season. It was a defeating feeling for the Bolts afterward, and they huddled together in the locker room to mourn the loss.

"After the game, safety Derwin James Jr. sat inside Herbert’s locker as the two quietly spoke and teammates hunched nearby with towels draped over their heads."

Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times

The Chargers had a chance to turn their season around once again, and they let it slip away. The captains of the team turned to each other for support, and it was a sorrowful moment in the locker room.

“That was captain on captain, bro,” James explained later. “We’re the two leaders of the team. … Just captains talking. Nothing crazy.”

Per Jeff Miller of The Los Angeles Times

LA now heads home for a tough game against the Baltimore Ravens, and if they were to lose this one, their year would be pretty much done with. The AFC is loaded with talented teams, and the Bolts are already behind the eight-ball. But they aren't losing hope, even with the odds stacked against them. 

“We believe in each other,” he said. “We ain’t fading on each other. It’s tough. It’s the NFL. We know what we’ve got in the locker room. … There’s more work to be done.”

Per Jeff Miller of The LA Times

The Bolts don't have much time left in the season to turn things around, so they have to get a move on this week. If they don't, you can expect major changes to come to this organization in the weeks that follow the season.

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