Ever since Jaylen Brown entered the league in 2016, he has played on a handful of very successful Celtics teams. As a result, he has played with a lot of talented players, some more disrespectful than others.

Ahead of Boston’s Game 5 win on Thursday, Brown named the most disrespectful player he’s ever played with. While he could have gone with higher-level talents like Jayson Tatum or Kyrie Irving, he went with an unheralded Boston star.

“I’ve played on some teams with some interesting guys who talked a lot of words to the refs,” Brown told GQ. “I think the most disrespectful player that I ever played with was for sure Isaiah Thomas.”

Thomas stands at 5’9” tall, but he was never afraid to talk the talk, according to Brown. He spent three seasons in Boston, averaging 24.7 points and 6.0 assists per game, and led the team to an Eastern Conference Finals appearance in 2017, all while dishing out more than his fair share of chatter.

“What was so absurd about it, he was the littlest dude on the court, and he talking crazy to everybody,” Brown said. “That was Isaiah, and he backed it up.”

Thomas saw the video of his former teammate on twitter, and he responded perfectly, just laughing at Brown’s opinion.

Despite playing in the NBA through last year, Thomas was never able to recapture the magic he had with the Celtics. However, at the very least, his time in Boston left a lasting impression on Brown.