SAN DIEGO – The San Diego State University women’s swim and dive team are making a big splash in their league, winning their 50th straight dual meet.

“Honestly I didn’t even know it was going to be our 50th meet that we won. We don’t really keep track of all that. I mean we’re just here having fun, honestly,” senior Alex Roberts said.

Head coach Mike Schrader is an eight-time Mountain West coach of the year. He is taking this new achievement in stride, focusing on the next meet.

“We don’t really talk about that. We’re really a process-driven team, and again, we’ve been blessed as a result of our process,” Mike Shrader said.

The Aztecs haven’t lost a dual meet since January 2018. Schrader says his team’s success is linked to how close they are.

“We have a big sister, little sister program so the new girls that come in, a lot of them are far away from home, and so they teach them how to navigate college life if you will. They take care of each other. The upperclassman are great about the lower classmen and helping them along,” Schrader said.

Kristina Murphy, one of only two seniors, agrees that the team’s bond is what gives them a competitive edge.

“I’ve been here for five years and this is the most fun honestly I’ve ever had on the team. That’s honestly why we’ve done so well this season is just the chemistry, the friendships we all have and just the coaching staff is incredible this year. I’m so excited for what’s to come,” Kristina Murphy said.

What makes his team truly special is what they do outside the pool, going 14 semesters in a row as a scholar All-America team, which means every person on the team has a GPA of at least 3.0.

“They do the study, they do the study groups. They take the tests. They’re here to get an education, they’re student-athletes first, truly student-athletes,” Shrader said.

Even though they don’t focus on their 50 straight wins, they don’t plan on ending it anytime soon.

“We’re just trying to keep it going and have fun every day,” Schrader said.