SAN DIEGO — LeBron James paid a visit to San Diego State over the weekend with some lucky Aztec athletes getting a chance to meet the “King.” 

“At first I thought this was crazy,” said Aztecs senior women’s soccer midfielder Kiera Utush. “I was like star struck almost, he was such a cool dude and you have to be to have the title of G.O.A.T.”   

It was a typical Saturday on the Mesa, the SDSU women’s soccer team just wrapped up practice when suddenly they noticed a group of black Cadillac Escalades parked outside of a gym on campus. 

“We were walking up and we saw a bunch of Cadillacs outside of the basketball gym,” San Diego State Women’s soccer senior Rachelle Elve said. “We heard rumors that he was in town training, so we were like you know what – let’s just sit around for a few minutes and see if he comes out.”

That patience paying off, quickly becoming one of the most unforgettable moments in their college careers.

“He came out and said hello like a normal person,” Elve said. “He asked how our season was going and about our team. It was so nice.”

Senior Kiera Utush says talking to James was like talking to a best friend.

“We look at our little fans at our game and how they look up to us. I look at someone like LeBron and look up to an athlete like that, but at the end of the day we’re all people and it’s really cool to see that side of it.”

The women’s soccer team extended the Los Angeles Lakers superstar an open invite to their match against Wyoming the next day and despite James having prior engagements, they used the experience as added motivation to get a walk off win.

“We did it for LeBron,” Elve said.