EL CAJON, Calif. — Local amateur boxer Julius Ballo is a three-time national champion, winning three years in a row, each time by unanimous decision.

Now, he has his heart set on the next stage of his career, winning Olympic gold.

Ballo, a featherweight, say it is a dream nearly 19 years in the making.

“The journey isn’t finished, going for the gold medal in 2024. So, whatever it takes that’s what we’re aiming for,” says Ballo.

Ballo has won several championships nationally and internationally and his love for the sport has come a long way.

“I don’t remember starting the sport. I asked my dad ‘When did you take me to the gym?’ Ballo said. His father said he first took him to the gym at two weeks old.

Ballo was recently invited to the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs. 

He is planning to focus on fine tuning his weaknesses.

“Throw more power in shots, being sharper, being more explosive. Use the speed more, have great speed, I have to do the adjustments that are going to bring home the gold,” Ballo said. 

Over the years, Julius has gained a lot of followers on social media.

“I was going through a stage where I was getting a lot of hate,” Ballo said. “It made me who I am today.”

Ballo credits his father and his team for his success. 

He is looking forward to taking his boxing squad and his career to new heights. His goal is to turn pro and win world championships.