SAN MARCOS, Calif. — The San Marcos Youth Baseball League has picked back up on Saturday after a nearby shooting interrupted games at Mission Sports Park.

“I was excited to play baseball again and ready to go and play the game,” said Wyatt Di Zinno, a player who’s been with the league for eight years since he was 4 years old.

The baseball diamond was packed with players Saturday morning. Parents lined the fence to cheer them on while they made their return.

“It’s fun to hit the ball, and make plays,” Di Zinno said. “I don’t know I just really like it.”

On Monday, a video obtained by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department captured at least seven gunshots going off at the Mission Sports Park.

One bullet could be seen striking the ground in the video, dangerously close to the children. Luckily, no one at the park was harmed, but the incident still ceased all games for several days.

Parent Rena Frey was there to watch her three sons, who are players in the Little League. She recalled that moment to FOX 5: “It was scary, but also confusing. There wasn’t screaming, there wasn’t chaos. So part of me was like ‘OK, we’re going to keep orderly, we’re all going to move.'”

“I feel like it was a super random flying bullet that thankfully…I mean it was a blessing from God it didn’t hit anybody,” Frey continued.

In response to the shooting, the San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies patrolled around Saturday’s games, even walking around and speaking with people.

That made a difference for parents, like Samantha Burns, who attended Saturday’s games.

“They were just welcoming us, just making sure we felt reassured and safe,” said Burns, whose daughter is a player. “I think that’s what made me take a breath.”

The league president Daniel Max told FOX 5 he tried to make the day special with extra food, along with Kona Ice who stepped up to support by handing out treats.

“You hear music, you hear kids running around,” Max said. “It’s positive, a lot of great vibes. A lot of fun happening.”

Immediately following the shooting, the San Marcos Youth Baseball board began talking about a safety plan moving forward. The league said they will be working with a consulting group to assess the park and train league volunteers on scenarios to increase safety.

“We are all going through these emotions together and it’s amazing for us to all come here again, and be here for our kids,” Burns said, “show them we are here to protect you, we are not going to back down. No matter what, we are always going to be here.”

“It probably takes a lot of courage to come back here, especially with younger children,” Di Zinno added. “I’m glad everyone is back here playing baseball again.”

Detectives said earlier this week that it is too early in the investigation to share where the shots came from or what potential charges may be. A reward is being offered for information leading to the person responsible for the shooting.

San Diego County Sheriff is encouraging those who may have witnessed the shooting or has surveillance video to call the San Marcos station at 760-510-5200.