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SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Wave Futbol Club (FC) won their home opener Saturday in a 3-2 match against the Chicago Red Stars at Snapdragron Stadium — a game that brought out a historic number of fans.

Nearly 31,000 people were present at the team’s first game in their highly anticipated sophomore season, breaking the record for the number of fans present at a home opener in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Coming off of last year’s exciting inaugural season, fans are happy to be back at Snapdragon Stadium to watch their favorite soccer players in action.

“We love watching them play (with) the competitiveness,” Cameron Whiteman, a Wave FC fan who attended the game with his daughter, said to FOX 5. “The ladies play really well on the field. The action is fun.”

The excitement across the pink and mint green crowd was palpable throughout the game, making it the perfect night for fans.

“This is a mother, daughter date,” said Arlene Caballero, who attended the game with her daughter. “Last year, we did it at Snapdragon’s first game… now this is our bonding time together — to be alone to do something we love.”

“Get the autographs, see the players in action in real life,” Caballero’s daughter, Eva, said to FOX 5 about what she was excited for. “It’s very cool to see them in real life.”

Wave FC fans at Saturday’s game were especially ecstatic to see star players, like Alex Morgan and Taylor Kornieck, back on the field.

Morgan, who brought the team to Saturday’s victory with a penalty kick, won the league’s Golden Boot award last year for being the top scorer.

Other first-season honors included the NWSL Coach of the Year award going to the Wave FC’s head coach Casey Stoney.

In the team’s first season, the Wave FC advanced to the playoffs and got a win over the Chicago Red Stars in their first game, before losing in the semifinals.

These are achievements that fans say they look up to.

“It feels like motivational to see other players and think about coming one myself,” said Layla Whiteman, a young Wave FC fan at the home opener.

After Saturday’s game, Wave FC fans are setting their sights high for the team’s second season.

“Hopefully they will take it all the way this year, win a championship,” Whiteman said. “But we are just here for fun.”