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SAN DIEGO — San Diego Wave FC Head Coach, Casey Stoney has called Kailen Sheridan the best goalkeeper in the world.

“I want to hold on to that and I want to stay at that level that she sees me at,” said Sheridan. “I know I’m capable of it and it’s going to push me everyday I step on the field.”

Sheridan doesn’t miss an opportunity to do something different. Her pregame routine: giving a high five to the camera.

“I honestly have no idea how that started, but I thought it was funny. Everyone was just so strict and serious. And they’re trying to film us walking in and just trying to make everyone feel apart of the team and ready to go,” said Sheridan.

She was drafted 23rd overall in the 2017 NWSL draft. Three years later, the Canadian won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics.

“Definitely winning the Olympics was one of the biggest stages we’ve been on and one of the biggest achievements the country had achieved,” said Sheridan. “Ultimately, that moment was so surreal. We didn’t have any fans, but we were on the podium and got to celebrate it together.”

In 2021, the goalkeeper had another reason to celebrate. She was traded from the NY Gotham to the Wave FC. She’s been using her patented energy to inspire her new teammates, while returning the favor.

“Your role doesn’t define you here and everybody steps up when needed. We have such an incredible group of people, that’s the most important thing for us,” said Sheridan. “We can push each other. That’s a testament to the team and Casey and everybody in the office put together.”

The 2022 NWSL goalkeeper of the year says the energy isn’t just on the pitch. She says the fans at Snapdragon Stadium make the game more fun for her.

“We feel the city of San Diego with us on the field. It’s unlike any of field or city or stadium we play in. When we’ve got everybody, we have us all together and all of us as one, this is the best place for that,” said Sheridan.