SAN DIEGO — Before playing in front of sold-out crowds at Snapdragon Stadium, Jaedyn Shaw was kicking around a soccer ball as soon as she could walk.

“I started just about when I could, so like around 3 or 4-ish, I was on a team by 4,” said Shaw, a forward with the San Diego Wave FC.

The early sacrifices paid off for the Texas native, who signed with the Wave in 2022.

Her family is making sacrifices right by her side, as a show of support, moving to San Diego along with her.

“My mom, my dad and my brother, they live here with me. It’s super nice that they moved here,” said Shaw.

Their support is helping with her success.

The 18-year-old became the youngest player in National Women ‘s Soccer League history to score in her debut match.

When she’s not making history, she’s spending time with her loved ones.

“We love bowling as a family. I go like every year for my birthday. We like going to the beach and watching the sunset, and we’re all foodies. We like trying new foods,” said Shaw.

The forward scored in her first three games last season and scored in her first two games this season. Shaw admitted things have been easier so fat this season.

“I can take a little bit of a deep breathe. Last year was super fast-paced and everything was moving so quickly,” said Shaw. “This year, I can start from square one and have a preseason and really get to know my teammates and integrate into the team even more.”

Every time Shaw scores goal at Snapdragon Stadium, she celebrates it with a dance.

“That’s something that’s really important for me to do at home, entertains the fans and have fun with it,” says Shaw.

The celebration was originally Alex Morgan’s idea.

“She showed us the celebration and I was like ‘If I score, I’m doing it,’” Shaw recalled.

She did it. Now, it’s become her trademark.

The midfielder says there’s more to it than meets the eye.

“Everybody sees like the surfing and all that, but I don’t know if everybody sees that I always give glory to God when I score,” Shaw said. “That’s really important to me and I feel like not a lot of people know that about me.”