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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — With a bronze medal finish at the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships, both Nic Long and Alise Post earned their way to their second Olympic Games.

Long, of Lakeside, finished 17th at the 2012 Olympics while Post, who attended University of San Diego, finished 12th. Both BMX racers feel they can draw on their first appearances to help them find success in Rio in August.

“It was rough,” said Long. “I dealt with some injuries. Crashes. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. I kind of look at that one as once I made it I was already happy. That’s not so much the goal this time. This summer I am going in as prepared as possible and looking to medal.”

With the experience under their belts, and four years of growth in the sport, the San Diego residents  have high expectations of what they hope to accomplish for Team USA. They don’t take the honor of representing their country lightly.

“It’s an honor to wear the stars and stripes,” said Post. “There’s only a small group of us cyclist. You know you feel kind of small when you get there and it’s kind of a humbling feeling.”

Both also say the growing concern over the Zika virus will not deter them from going to Rio in August.