San Diego native to run across UK to raise money for mental health


SAN DIEGO — A San Diego native is preparing to run hundreds of miles across the United Kingdom to raise money for mental health.

Brady Silverwood is tackling his second major run and aims to finish it in about a month.

“It’s only about 700 miles and the reason I say only is because after running 3,300 miles, 700 isn’t that scary I guess,” Silverwood said.

Last year, SIlverwood, who goes by “real life Forrest Gump” on social media, ran more than 3,300 miles across the United States. He started in New Jersey and finished in San Diego. It took him 218 days.

In a few months, he plans to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Kingdom. “Start at the top of Scotland and run all the way down to the bottom of England.”

“I was just like, now I’m going to go for the impossible. Someone that could barely run three miles is going to try to run 3,000 to show everyone anything is possible,” Silverwood said.

He says he’s hoping to start his journey in August, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a very good chance it could be delayed.

“The way I kind of am is when I set these goals, I have to just go out and do it. When it’s safe, I guess, for me to go out there, I’m going to do it. I don’t think I’m going to push it off,” Silverwood said.

He says his cross-country adventures have a purpose, which is why he’s running to raise money and awareness for mental health.

“I think especially for what we’re going through right now, people’s mental health is really going to be questioned and I really want to bring light to how you can learn ways to cope with whatever stress or challenges you’re going through in your life,” Silverwood said.

During his last run, he raised more than $42,000 for 12 charities.

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