SAN DIEGO — Executives from the newly named San Diego Major League Soccer team were out in the community listening to fans and possibly future players as they made their way to local youth league games, passing out merchandise to an excited fan base.

“It’s finally here, we hear it all over the news, finally here,” said Keith Miller, the owner of Futsal, a youth soccer training center.

Former professional athletes are also excited to see what San Diego FC does to fire up the new players and fans.

“Amazing thing for young kids, extremely motivating for people dreaming of playing soccer,” said Austin Guerrero, a former professional goalkeeper.

The SDFC is expected to start in 2025, and the team is already prospecting for new recruits.

“The model of right to dream and the residential academy is coming to San Diego,” said Cody Martinez, a co-Owner of San Diego FC.

The academy searchers for players 11-17 years of age to prepare them for a life in the MLS.