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SAN DIEGO — New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge continues to chase the American League record of 61 home runs. His next one will tie the A.L. record held by former Yankee Roger Maris.

One of the late Maris’ closest friends lives in San Diego. Andy Strasberg became a fan of Maris in 1960 and later moved to San Diego, where he worked in MLB for 40 years, including with the Padres.

During that time, his relationship with Maris grew. The two became such good friends that Maris’ grandson is named Andrew – after Strasberg, and Andy is Andrew’s godfather.

Strasberg stopped by the FOX 5 studio recently to speak with Sports Director Troy Hirsch as Maris’ record, which has stood for 61 years, is on the verge of being tied. He shared how he met Maris as a 14-year-old fan in 1962, introduced his college buddies and caught a Maris home run ball in 1967 and formed a wonderful relationship with the Maris family after Roger’s death.